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The Gaillac vineyards are the oldest in France

The Gaillac Vineyards, back in history

The Gaillac wine region is situated west of Albi, capital of the Tarn district. 
The vineyards already exist for more than 2000 years, making this region one of the eldest wine districts of France.

The Right Bank

The rich soils and temperate micro climate of Gaillac produces whites and reds of quality and finesse. The sweet or doux wines are famous. The valleys of the Vere and the Tarn Rivers have three specific and different types of geological profiles.
The temperate influence of the ocean limits the risks of severe frosts and allows the vines to take advantage of all the moisture for the vine.
The warm Mediterranean climate in summer accentuated by the Autan wind assures ideal growing conditions for the vines.
The vintage usually takes place in fine weather conditions in September.
There are three distinct terroirs, the left or south bank, the right or north bank and the plateau Cordais


These Gaillac wines are the most ancient in Europe.
The other white grape varieties used in Gaillac are Sauvignon, Muscadelle, Ondenc and Semillon. 
The historical grape varieties used in the production of the red wine are Duras, Braucal (which is also known as Fer Servadou, or simply Fer in Gaillac, and as Mansois or Pinenc in other parts of South west France)and Syrah. 


Today the appellation area covers 4.000 acres spread over 73 communes, for an AOC production of over 165.000 hectoliters.
The appellation includes about one hundred independent producers and 3 cooperative cellars.
The 3 different terroirs and the age of the vineyard enable Gaillac to offer numerous traditional grape varieties.
The diversity of the Gaillac vineyards insures production of a great variety of elaborate wines, a wide range of dry, sweet and “perlé” white wines, red and rose wines as well as sparkling wines..